Unique Shape Melamine Dinner Tablewares For Home Or Restaurant Supply Use

Unique shape Melamine Dinnerware Set will Not Shatter or Retain Food Odor



Plastic bowls don't usually come to mind when thinking about fine dining. However, your typical plastic bowl is not made from melamine. Lustrous ceramic appearance without the risk of shattering everywhere if dropped. No meal is too good for melamine, and the fact that its dishwasher safe makes it a great option for any meal.

Great for:

- Spicy Ramen Restaurant

- Korean Restaurant

- Black Bean Restaurant

- Chow Mein Restaurant

- Pho Broth

- Udon Restaurant

- French Onion Restaurant

- Miso Restaurant

- Wonton Restaurant

- Thai Restaurant

- and Much More

Not recommended for microwave use. This melamine will not put off chemicals when putting into a microwave. The product is safe. However, the base component of real melamine is wood pulp. When melamine is generally exposed to the temperatures that microwaves create, the melamine will eventually dry out. For this reason, we recommend avoiding the consistent use of melamine in a microwave. Definitely avoid using inside of a microwave in a restaurant or other production environment, and the product will last for years and years.


We supply all kinds of melamine tablewares for HOME, Restaurant with OEM or ODM

Melamine  Dining Set -  Ramen Bowl, Sauce Tray, Dinner plate, Serving platters, Sashimi Plate, Spoon - Unique shape Melamine Dinnerware Set will Not Shatter or Retain Food Odor



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