High Quality Durable Tableware Melamine Plate Bowl Tablewares Multi Purpose Ramen Noodles Salad Bowl Dinner Plate

Durable melamine tableware



Shiny finish that is popular for use at home or restaurants

This versatile melamine tableware can be used to serve noodles, rice, donburi, soup, pasta, udon, ramen, wonton noodle soup and just about anything you desire at restaurants, parties or any dinner table

Melamine ware is a durable heavyweight style, shatterproof, and durable to ensure long-lasting use. It can help reduce replacement costs overtime to save you money over an extended period of time.

The sturdy melamine construction is durable enough to withstand heavy use in the commercial kitchen and also dishwasher safe

The sleek design on a textured surface makes this bowl scratch-proof, stackable, and helps to save up storage space.


We supply all kinds of melamine tablewares for HOME, Restaurant with OEM or ODM



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